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Version 2.0


Teokit's scope of delivery includes:

  • AShot sync board;
  • Custom flexible cable with two attached wires;
  • Custom flexible cable with Vanavara Digital logo
  • 3 pin power cable for AGNSS L2 board;
  • 2 screws for securing the AShot board;
  • Teoboard distribution board with mounting nut;
  • MCX-MCX RF coaxial cable;
  • Insulating tape for Teoboard;
  • AGNSS L2 board

Be extremely careful during installation process of Teokit. Please, read instruction first and make sure that you understand whole process. Mistakes during installation process might lead to failure of your drone.

If you feel that your skills and experience are not enough, please, consult with a specialist and ask for help.

Teokit manufacturer is not responsible for improper installation. All actions you perform at your own risk and responsibility.

You will get best result by contacting professionals.Experienced technician can easily install Teokit in 2 hours.

For those who are confident with their skills and experience – follow our instruction.


You will need:

  • Crosshead screwdriver;
  • Hex screwdriver 1.5 and 2 mm;
  • 8 mm socket wrench;
  • Tweezers;
  • Torx 7 screwdriver;
  • Soldering Station;
  • Nipper;
  • Drills 2 and 7 mm;
  • Screwdriver.



  • Put the drone upside down and unscrew 8 screws holding gimbal using a 1.5 mm hex driver.

  • Then carefully unscrew 2 cross screws securing flexible cable to gimbal board. Then unplug flexible cable from both DJI's 3-in-1 board and gimbal board. We will use flexible cable again in "Cable preparation" part.

  • Also disconnect the copter's antenna connector MMCX clip.

  • Remove the 2 screws securing the copter housing to its frame.




Detach the transparent covers from the arms.

Using a 2mm screwdriver unscrew 12 screws securing copter motors and 8 screws securing the housing.



Separate the bottom and top of the case by gently uncoupling the clips. If necessary, use a wooden or plastic tool to avoid damage.

Then disconnect the compass connectors.

Using a 2mm screwdriver, unscrew the 4 screws holding the copter's frame.




If your drone has ADS-B system antennas,remove them so that they do not interfere with the installation of the AGNSS L2 module.



It is necessary to unsolder motors' and LEDs' wires from the DJI's left side regulator board.Use soldering station.

Disconnect the GPS module connector and free the upper housing from the frame.



Using a crosshead screwdriver, unscrew the 3 self-tapping screws and remove the GPS module.

Put the Teokit sticker on its place, it shows where to drill the hole for the antenna connector.



First, drill a 2 mm hole.Then enlarge a hole with a bigger 7 mm drill.

Be gentle and try not to damage other parts of the case.

On the outside of the case, remove the DJI sticker. Remove any remaining glue with alcohol.




Install the Teoboard GNSS distribution board in the hole so that SMA connector protrudes outward.

Caution: Do not use screws that were securing DJI`s GPS module to secure Teoboard.

Secure the board with the washer and nut. Use 8 mm socket wrench. 5f8d58494e5c9



  • Cover Teoboard with insulating tape. It is included in the scope of delivery.Important! You need to cover Teoboard completely. Metal parts of the board should not touch the "shield".

  • Put DJI the self-adhesive shielding layer on its place.

  • Guide the 4-pin Teoboard cable through the hole designed for it so it will possible to plug in to DJI's GPS module's port.




First you need to solder back motor's and LED cable to the DJI's regulator board.

Then connect 4-pin connector of the Teoboard back to DJI's GPS module's port (from where we disconnected cable in "It gets more interesting" part).



First you need to solder LED cable to the AGNSS board


**Connect power cable to the AGNSS board
-Connect MCX plug to the AGNNS board
-Fix board with plastic secure to the metall arm of copter frame


Guide AGNSS power cable to the place where AShot board will be installed and secure cable with sealant.
Secure MCX plug with sealant.
Secure AGNSS board to the metall frame of the drone with sealant.

We recommend using Kafuter K-704B silicone rubber adhesive.





-Remove the duct from the left front arm(where AGNSS will be installed) of the bottom of the body.
-Put the foam sticker in the arm.





Install the bottom housing of the copter.
Plug in the compass connectors.

After fastening the two parts of the case, plug in the antenna connectors back to the 3-in-1 board.
Secure these connectors with a metal strip with 2 screws.

Tighten the 2 screws securing the copter's housing to the frame.

Secure the copter motors with 12 screws. Connect the top of the copter to the bottom with 8 screws. Use a 2mm screwdriver.




Plug AShot board into DJI's 3-in-1 board.

Then plug in AGNSS board's power cable into the 3-pin port of AShot board.

Secure AShot board to aluminum radiator with 2 screws included in the scope of delivery.



Prepare the gimbal to connect to the AShot board.

Remove the 4 screws of the upper gimbal board.

Unplug the flexible cable from rear side of gimbal board and bend down cable's right side 90 degrees as shown in the photo.




-Connect bended right side of gimbal's flexible cable with small flexible cable came with AShot as shown in the photo.



Plug flexible gimbal cable with attached AShot flexible cable into rear side of gimbal board, then put gimbal board in place and tighten it with 4 cross screws.

Plug VanavaraDigital flexible cable to the socket on gibmal board. Fix it with 2 srews.

It is very important that the insulating layer is on the top board of the codec as well as on the metal plate.

Gimbal preparation finished.



Connect the 2-wire cable to the AShot board connector.

-You already connected the 3-core power cable for the AGNSS board.



Plug flexible cable, which we earlier attached to gimbal board, into AShot's socket.

Before you fix the gimbal bowl on the copter body, carefully check the location of the cables.

Place the bowll on the bottom of the copter and tighten the 8 screws with a 1.5 mm screwdriver.


Install a spiral antenna and put the stickers.

Turn drone on and go to AGNSS wifi web page to check it.
More info about using AGNSS L2 is on the docs page:


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I am new to Teobox, working with 3 ver 2.6.4 and PPK 0.5 version.
Two questions not clear to me yet:

  1. Is PPK 0.5 doing exactly what Telegram BOT does? Is the result reliable like with the BOT?

  2. In PPK 0.5 there is a 'ref' 4-field form with N, E, Z and h params. Do I provide coords in my project CS (cartographic) as N and E and geoid hights az Z? What is 'h' - the ellipsoid to geoid height ora rather the height of the base antenna above ground?

Do you publish any manual to Teobox 3 ver 2.6.4 version?


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RPASaust posted May 25 '21 at 11:30 am

Uploaded Rover & Base ubx files.
Rover log time was within the Base log time.
PPKbot identified Timemarks initially but after process, the report said "Timemarks:None'

Possible causes & fixes?

RPASaust posted Apr 14 '21 at 11:51 am

See the attached thread link for possible cause & solution to less than 100% Fix from PPKbot or RTKLib software.

First do a RTKPlot of your drone ubx (Need to RTKconvert ubx to first to get OBS file for Plot)
Look for Cycle Slips, short interruptions to your solid lines.
While you are at it, Plot the base.


The AGNSS board in the left arm is very sensitive to wind and vibration.
So be sure to remove the vent and install the foam AND use some form of adhesive (rubbery/silicon type best) to secure the board.
Mine was one of the first AGNSS boards. Back then the instructions where for the Emlid board, and I dont recall getting foam or seeing the vent removed as it is now suggested (else I would have.)
I was alerted to the problem only after not getting 100% Fixes in the PPKbot.
Konstantin was straight onto the problem..."send me a photo of the install - the arm" he noticed the chrome vent was still in place.!
This is what the RTKPlot of the converted UBX file looked like - Very bad!


A week earlier, a flight looked like this. Very nice
After correcting my install it looked like this. (still not super clean) notice the cycle slips that cut through all sats.


But I should also point out that my old P4P had developed a vibration in the Fan. Which lead me to think if AGNSS is that sensative, the fan vibes wouldnt help.
So I inspected the fan assembly and noticed a few things.

  • the four plastic weld rivets that join the top and bottom halves had some movement in it.
  • the dji foam between the fan and the magnesium (grey) case had squashed and points touched the case.
  • the black wire when bumped would kill power to fan, wires had fatigued.6076c54b4dbdd

Once fixed the rtkPlot looks much better.
Please note this P4P has done hundreds of km surveys (per Teo install).
The satellites listed are southern hemisphere and may look different to those in the nth.
The test flights were very short (5mins or less), the takeoff area was surrounded by trees and building with only small opening to satellites. This may not be representative of a full flight in constant fwd motion on a windy day.
Hope it helps some one.


Running a chat in real time is hard work.
If you want to help build the Teo Community, Please contribute to the knowledge base.
Create a topic of your question or issue experienced and how it was solved. Maybe you just worked it out or maybe someone in the Chat guided you, it doesn't matter.

The aim is to build the knowledge base as a community rather than leaving it to a handful.

We all want the same thing, to do our job professionally without headaches an offer our clients accuracy on time.



Telegram Chat
Pros of Telegram Chat:

  • fast if expert is online with time to answer.
  • Can be Real time response


  • Time zone & sleep pattern of experts,
  • limited open hours.
  • One long chat with every topic covered in one timeline discussion.
  • Difficult to find answers through time.
  • Language barrier.
  • Can be a lot of "off-topic" chatter
  • Repetitious: 90% of Noobie Questions have already be answered
  • Expert(Primary Chatter) has less time to improve/test actual product.

Forums with Topic Categories

Based on premise, "If you have experienced the problem, then so have others"


  • Historic progress on targeted issue
  • Ability to open the question up to the world of users and wider experiences/use-cases.
  • Multiple experts/ advise from all time zones and languages
  • Easy to find on-topic solutions
  • Easy to create a new topic/question.
  • Builds community
  • Enables the customer to 'find' the answer instead of 'asking'


  • requires a moderator. (not the same as an expert)
  • Less personal connection with owner (how important is that?)

RPASaust posted Apr 11 '21 at 7:27 am

What causes less than 100% FIX?
I have returned to site twice, random Fix Float Single.
Skies are clear
Waited for logging

Antenna SMA female hole is loose fit?
Loose internal connection?

RPASaust posted Feb 10 '21 at 1:10 am

How many GNSS systems should you tick?
Which ones?
When to use:
-Glo Bias,

What can cause "Ashot board not detected" (when one is installed.)

RPASaust posted Oct 16 '20 at 12:10 am

Just installed the AGNSS kit. Very well designed!
Because it was so recently released, there was not a dedicated video in English so I was basing my install off the Reach videos.
So here are my thoughts and tips (some are general practices):

  • lift the gimbal housing up slowly to reveal which way the ribbon cable can bend.
  • When unplugging the two cable at the front (Compass where the wires go into the legs) be aware that you need to press the sides in on the molex plus and there may be glue (same colour as plug) holding it in... my wires pulled out of the plug.
  • Like in the video...don't put the 3 screws holding the new gps board on back in. Just use the external nut, you need the 1mm the screw head takes up.
  • Since the agnss board has a 3d printed clip, be careful not to bend out of shape the foil that it is going to clip onto. The foils has one screw and holds a patch antenna. Otherwise your clip may not conform to the foil.
  • When putting the base/legs back over the main electronic body watch to see if the forward and rear cameras are 'rolling' the foam ring seal down in front of the lenses. (I simply removed the foam seals)
  • Before screwing down the base (two halves) power up the P4 and RC to ensure you have a Link. NB: be careful with the gimbal when powering up. If no link, try again without the gimbal ribbon attached. ( I had to use the original ribbon).
  • Careful not to squash any cables between the two halves.
  • Do not over tighten screws that go into plastic
  • The solder used in these things can seem to take a lot of heat to melt. To help, 'add' your solder to the iron. Suck it off later. It increases the surface area of heat you are applying and dilutes their solder to a lower melt point.
  • Colour code screws and the holes can prevent you putting long ones in shallow holes etc.

Have I got this right? Even though Ashot is installed, when using an app like GSP that does the triggering of images, Ashot is NOT used???
(when I run the ppk Bot it says Ashot not detected.)

Answer my own Question here:
I flew with DJI GSP as normal - it triggering the shots
With Konstantin's patience, I got the ppkbot to process beautifully and Ashot WAS detected.
The solution was to stick with UBX files where possible. I initially used the .obs file.

RPASaust posted Oct 15 '20 at 11:16 pm

Just upload 2x drone obs and Emlid RS2 base obs.
drone obs came back FIX 0% Float 0% What to do next?
mission was done with Dji GSP, 2 batteries & 2 ubx logs created, one about 25mb the other 35mb (10hz).
bot says 'Ashot not detected'. it is installed bot GSP was running the mission/trigger.

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