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admin posted Jan 9 '20 at 9:26 pm

Feel free to use this community to share your experience with UAV Mapping using DJI Phantom 4 PRO | ADV , Post-processing, GNSS measurement methods and of course Installing TEOKIT it self.
You can also learn it from the others. Just ask!

There are all the categories listed on the right, in which you can ask or answer questions.

Always post in the right forum/topic
Make sure someone else has not already asked the same question
Don't post the same topic/answer many times
Use full words not their short form
Be patient with beginners

Users can also contact each other via the CHAT APP, which is located in the lower right corner

Please write PM to the administrator if you have any suggestions for expanding the topics categories



Running a chat in real time is hard work.
If you want to help build the Teo Community, Please contribute to the knowledge base.
Create a topic of your question or issue experienced and how it was solved. Maybe you just worked it out or maybe someone in the Chat guided you, it doesn't matter.

The aim is to build the knowledge base as a community rather than leaving it to a handful.

We all want the same thing, to do our job professionally without headaches an offer our clients accuracy on time.



Telegram Chat
Pros of Telegram Chat:

  • fast if expert is online with time to answer.
  • Can be Real time response


  • Time zone & sleep pattern of experts,
  • limited open hours.
  • One long chat with every topic covered in one timeline discussion.
  • Difficult to find answers through time.
  • Language barrier.
  • Can be a lot of "off-topic" chatter
  • Repetitious: 90% of Noobie Questions have already be answered
  • Expert(Primary Chatter) has less time to improve/test actual product.

Forums with Topic Categories

Based on premise, "If you have experienced the problem, then so have others"


  • Historic progress on targeted issue
  • Ability to open the question up to the world of users and wider experiences/use-cases.
  • Multiple experts/ advise from all time zones and languages
  • Easy to find on-topic solutions
  • Easy to create a new topic/question.
  • Builds community
  • Enables the customer to 'find' the answer instead of 'asking'


  • requires a moderator. (not the same as an expert)
  • Less personal connection with owner (how important is that?)

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